SysOutNull (bpfurtado) wrote,

Portable low level code are not only for VMs

This article presents some good arguments towards assembly level programming using LLVM Intermediate Representation (IR) code. He shows how LLVM front ends all generate IR code from many distinct languages, then general optimization can take place at the IR code which then can be used to generate the real assembly targeting some processor architecture.

He argues in favour of using the expert assembly knownlegde one might have in order to help to enhance the optmization or the {IR to assembly} steps instead of keep repeating this work manually, which is a strong and good argument and he closes saying:

I think it's amazing that once written pseudo-assembly code can be retargetted to any architecture. For me IR has all the advantages of assembly without any of its problems: fast, expressive, retargettable and maintainable.
Tags: assembly, ir, llvm

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